Hand Breakers

Hydraulic Breakers are powerful, fairly quiet (due to the lack of exhaust noise) and very reliable. The Breaking performance is also better than most air hammers! Can be driven by most Tractors, Mini Diggers, Skid Steers or Power Packs.

We have a range of Refurbished Breakers available, including:

24Kg Stanley BR48 Vibro Damped - 20l/m or 30l/m
30kg Stanley BR67 Standard or Vibro Damped - 30l/m

We also have a range of Hydraulic Picks, Disc Cutters, Water Pumps etc- please let us know your requirements?

Stanley BR67 - 30kg Breaker
For powering with Tractors, Diggers, Skid Steer, Loaders, etc. the BR67 should probably be the first choice. This in that it is very forgiving, if given an incorrect oil flow. A bonus also is that it is not only one of the most powerful breakers on the market, it is laso probably the most reliable. Supplied with hoses, including quick-release fittings (2 x .5" male). Also comes with instruction sheet and notes for setting up on a tractor or other power source.

+ VAT (refurbished)

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